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Natural Hair Resources

Comprehensive information on natural hair care, styling and maintenance

A good time to start: Loc journey

Locs are one of the most versatile natural hairstyles around these days. It isn't like in the 80s when you saw only Whoopi Golberg and Tracy Chapman with a head full of thick locs. And we have come a long way from seeing locs only worn by the Marley family.Today, we...

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Hairmares: When Crisis Strikes

Hairmares seemed to be a thing of the past when the natural hair movement came about. Women were lopping off inches of relaxed hair and trading straight tresses for coiled fluff, a fluff that brought joy and wonder to each day. Once they went natural, they were seeing...

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Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic Exhibition

The Toledo Museum of Art has rolled out the red carpet for Black History Month with a series of events that celebrate black art and culture. All of the events for this month are inspired by the masterful work of Kehinde Wiley, whose exhibit, A New Republic is on...

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Going Bald: Thinning and Hair Loss

Many men are going bald, and they are embracing it in a major way. Shaven heads and full beards are the new sexy for men of all ages and ethnicities. They used to seek help from hair replacement treatment centers over the years, to get help-many to no avail. But the...

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10 Styles With Marley Synthetic Hair

Marley hair has been around for many years, but it was typically used for Kinky Twists when those were popular in the early part of the 2000's. But today, it is the most commonly used extension hair for naturals around the world. Versatility isn't the word when it...

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Graves Disease and Hair Loss

I noticed some months ago that my hair felt like it was thinning out at the roots. I’d noticed other changes in my body, like extreme heat waves-not related to menopause; and major changes in my skin too.

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