About The Kitchen Salon

About The Kitchen Salon

The Kitchen Salon LLC is one of the most trusted resources in natural hair. We provide natural hair care resources to the public through our meetups, workshops and The Northwest Ohio Natural Hair & Beauty Expo. This website, features comprehensive natural hair care, styling and maintenance information. Established in 2007,  The Kitchen Salon was established to educate individuals on becoming their own DIY expert so that they may embrace their texture and wear their natural with confidence.

The Kitchen Salon also provides private workshops and presentations for church groups, schools or community organizations and sponsors some events with natural hair information or product samples. These services should be requested in advance. Please use the contact form below to request any special appearances or event booking. Please include the date, time and location of your event as well as the theme and the number of expected guests.

To learn more about The Northwest Ohio Natural Hair & Beauty Expo, please visit www.thenaturalexpo.com.

Please send all email inquiries to info@thekitchensalon.com

Megan Davis is available for special events and presentations in the Midwest area.  Simply place your details in the form below.  She is also available for consultations Wednesday evenings from 6 to 8 pm.  Please select your availability in the form.