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The season of holiday celebrations is in full swing. With Christmas behind us and the New Year ahead, there have been and will be festivities to commemorate the joy of these Winter holidays. From company parties to gift exchanges to family dinners and church services, families will be on the go sometimes with little time to prepare for it all. While children may be out of school for Winter break, parents may still have to work before attending holiday events. For this reason, people may not have time to be a Do-it-yourself stylist or people may also wish to have a very polished look for their soiree. Just in time for New Year’s Eve, there are some local stylists who are available to provide any number of natural hair care, braiding, locking, and barbering services for the whole family.

Ma’Shalla Bourn is a licensed cosmetologist who also studies cosmetic science and specializes in custom color services. Her eye for detail and passion to create the vision her clients desire is how she is able to create polished looks custom to each individual. One of her clients, Ayesha B. wrote that “Ma’Shalla is great. Love my hair every time I have been to her. She listens to what you want and delivers. I asked for something new and my husband absolutely loved the new do. Highly recommend.” To schedule a consultation or appointment with Ma’Shalla, she may be contacted at 567-377-7723 or online at

For those who are not looking to color their hair this season and are more interested in protective styling, call Livvia Toms. Protective styles are meant to “hide” one’s natural hair into a style that is often braided down in perparation for sew-ins or crochet braids. Protective styles may also be twists or plaits, something that requires little to no manipulation.  Depending on the type of style, they, are meant to be temporary and should be taken down within 8 weeks to prevent locking, breakage and hair loss. Some must be taken down in less time and some may be able to stay in beyond the 8 weeks.   Livvia is a licensed stylist at Promises Salon & Spa located in the library plaza at 4903 Dorr St. and offers loc maintenance in addition to protective styles. She may also be contacted at  419.535.6161.

For those with locs who wish to try a new style or color, contact Tyi Turner, owner of SunKissed CosmeTyilogy located at 1343 Sylvania inside Elegant Beauty Salon. Because locs require a different application process for color, Tyi is someone a  locked haired  consumer would want to consult with regarding color options. If you’re looking to start locs, you can also schedule a consultation with her. Tyi also offers crochet-over-locs styles as well as sew ins. This gives one with locs alternative hairstyles that will keep them out of the state of boredom.

If you’re natural and you want to wear styles that don’t disturb the natural curl pattern or styles that enhance the curl pattern and have high texture, contact Maria Powell, owner of Colour & Style by Powell’s. Her steam treatments and curl elongation services are trending this season. This is an  alternative to trying a wash and go in these frigid temperatures. Maria also specializes in haircutting and color. While many people have natural hair, many prefer to wear their hair straightened. For those who don’t like it that way, and wish to try to embrace their natural curls, Maria will help you determine which products work best as well as which styles can be achieved based on your ideas or vision for your hair. Colour & Style by Powell’s is located at 2463 Nebraska Ave. near Westwood. The Powell family owns Toledo’s only African American owned beauty supply store, Powell’s, and is located at 901 Nebraska Ave. 419-535-9478.

This time of year can bring some of the most harsh weather. Sub zero temperatures and windy days will make hair dry and brittle and prone to breakage. Sometimes an individual may experience temporary hair loss due to the conditions and possibly, the lack of proper maintenance, however, there are many who suffer with hair loss because of neglect, illness, stress and other conditions. When this is the case, it is often hard for someone with hair loss to find styles for their own hair. Holiday parties and other festivities will continue on whether invitees attend or not, but some people don’t want to stay home because they are having a hard time styling their hair or finding wigs and other hair extensions. This is why Keisha, The Beauty Transformer, is the person to contact. A cancer survivor herself, she understands the importance of looking good even if she didn’t feel good. Keisha specializes in custom hair units, sew ins, and looks for those transitioning out of haircuts, such as shaved sides. She may be reached at 419-491-3485 or

Men are not to be overlooked during the festivities either. Working long shifts may make it difficult to get to a barber, but to avoid the “stay at home buzz cut” look, there is still time to book a barber before the New Year’s festivities begin! James, Corry or Andre at Barber Brothers located at 2110 N. Holland-Sylvania Rd. will have a chair open for you. Book in advance to ensure a spot and you’ll be fresh and clean before the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Day 2017.