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Many men are going bald, and they are embracing it in a major way. Shaven heads and full beards are the new sexy for men of all ages and ethnicities. They used to seek help from hair replacement treatment centers over the years, to get help-many to no avail. But the media and the influx of social media sites has showcased men sharing their selfies (which are as close to as-is as can be), with shaved heads and fly gear, and possibly a full beard or goat tee.

So what happens when women go bald? This is a different story. Although we have seen many cancer survivors step out boldly with bald heads after chemo, many times, their hair will grow back once the treatments are over. But what if a medical condition is not the cause of the thinning or hair loss? What options are available for a woman who wants to keep her hair?

First, understanding the types of thinning and hair loss is important. And really, this is an individually based experience. No two have the same contributing factors in the way their hair is growing or not.

Normally, hair can grow at least 6 inches per year, and shedding is normal, especially when you manipulate the hair (ie: combing, brushing, washing, styling). When you manipulate the hair, you may notice strands of hair in the brush, comb or in the sink, and most often, that is normal. But when you examine your head and notice wider parts, missing hair, a patch of very short hair, or an actual bald spot, then there is a need to take a closer look.