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Marley hair has been around for many years, but it was typically used for Kinky Twists when those were popular in the early part of the 2000’s. But today, it is the most commonly used extension hair for naturals around the world. Versatility isn’t the word when it comes to the many styles you can rock with Marley hair. Marley hair resembles Afro hair or dreadlocks and adopted Bob Marley’s name. 

Marley hair comes in a variety of colors and 3 lengths. You can get Marley hair from jet black to platinum blonde and it has a 2 bundle short pack, a medium length and a long length. The shortest length most often is the more coarse textured hair and  offers a smoother finish than the two longer lengths. It also has a better grip. 

Autumn and Winter are seasons for protective styling so covering or hiding one’s own hair helps to keep it protected from the elements and from shedding. Below, you will see 10 styles that can be created with anywhere from one pack to 10 packs of Marley hair, whose average cost per pack is $5.50 each.