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I noticed some months ago that my hair felt like it was thinning out at the roots. No one seemed to notice though, because naturally, my hair is so thick. More and more, my hair line seemed thinner and over all, my scalp was sore off and on for weeks at a time. I’d noticed other changes in my body, like extreme heat waves-not related to menopause; and major changes in my skin too. I’ve written a few articles about the signs of hair loss, but now it was happening to me.

Dry, itchy skin, and dark patches began to appear like I was getting a “pregnancy mask“. Random times, my hands appeared ashy and my arms, flaky and dry. I had to switch from my natural lotion to a thicker Shea oil that I use for my feet and bony prominences. It hasn’t helped that our local water supply has been tainted with algal blooms that made even bathing unsafe for people with very sensitive skin and liver issues. 

Our water has always been voted most clean for drinking for years, but this year, that has all come to a screeching halt with a water ban that lasted 3 days, causing people to travel up to 4 hours away for bottled water. But while our water has been voted very clean, it also has a high content of chemicals to keep the water safe for drinking, cooking and bathing. That high chemical content (such as chlorine) which is very drying to the skin. 

Protect Your Hair & Skin From Chlorine Damage

Just being diagnosed with Graves Disease, I have had just about every symptom listed on websites and as mentioned by my PCP. The top three that I am not pleased with Memory Loss, Insomnia and HAIR LOSS! The hair loss has gotten me to the point of knowing that it is time to cut my losses.  I am in the process of getting treatment, which includes a form of radiation, but I know that the thinning is something I am not willing to repair with knots, thread and human hair fillers this time around. The first bout with hair loss came after a terrible reaction to a medication administered to control an ovarian disease. I repaired that issue by combining all of my locs. 

I’m not willing, at this point, to shave my head, although I have considered it when my symptoms were new and confusing to me. I do notice that each time I shampoo my hair, I see shedding which was not the case leading up to this Spring to the present day. I have noticed that all of the locs in the very front , middle and perimeter of my head are significantly thinner than ever before, but there are those that I combined more than once, which still have a substantial base. 

What really sealed the deal for me was the other day when I was putting my purse on my arms and a loc got caught between the strap and my arm-with the slightest of a wrong move, my loc was laying on my arm like a wet noodle. I lamented over that loc but decided not to reattach since, when I comb them out, it would fall off anyway. I have no plans to trim the ends of my locs first, as I want to retain as much length as possible, to get a really good trim and start over again. 

Of course, I plan to return to the locked hair family when my hair is strong enough once again! I’ll keep y0u all  posted!