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Wouldn’t it be lovely to just wake up one morning and have instant fabulous hair? Well, for some people, this is a reality, but for many, it is a work in progress. Natural hair in the morning can range from smashed ringlets to a lopsided, packed-tight fro and other ‘looks’ in between. 

Many naturals wear a variation of the wash and go style, but there are more styles that need to be preserved at night and refreshed in the morning. The true key to great hair in the morning is successful night time care. 

For the basic Afro style you will need a spray bottle, oil sheen and an Afro Pick. Spritz the hair lightly with water or a light leave in conditioner to soften and expand the curls of the hair. Massage it in thoroughly then pass over the hair with an oil sheen spray such as coconut or almond oil. Pick the hair and pat to shape, if not already cut into a particular shape. 

For twistouts and braidouts, you should need to only refluff your textured tresses in the morning. Oil is optional, for shine and added softness. 

For updos, sometimes, the front needs to be repositioned, and this can be done by simply rearranging curls or twists and adding hair pins (open) to secure them. 

For the curly look, many naturals refer to the Curly Girl Method which involves using a leave in conditioner to weigh down and elongate natural curls, so they are bouncy and defined. 

Whatever style you desire to wear for the day, ensure that you also carefully preserve it at night as well. If you have any tips for morning natural hair, please share them on our Facebook page!