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5.KentReno_WomanCombingHairWe have grown up with the tradition of getting our hair washed, dried greased and pressed. From little girls into adolescence, getting our scalp greased was a sure way to make the hair grow. Our foremothers have used everything from car oil to butter to shortening to lubricate the scalp in hopes of preventing disease and promoting length. And today, there are people on the fence about applying grease, if anything, to the scalp at all. 

There was a post on Instagram that stated: “Greasing your scalp” for growth is a myth. It’ll only smother your pores and stunt growth…while part of this may be true, it is not wholly, the case. It should include a disclaimer about using the right products. Those made with petrolatum and waxes that are not natural ingredients can clog the pores. You can use other items to grease, rather condition, the scalp. Conditioning the scalp immediately takes away the negative connotations associated with “grease”. When we hear grease, we think of Bergamot, Dax, Murrays, Blue Magic and B & B products. These were the products created for the African American scalp to lubricate it and soften the hair. 

Hair Grease

Today, you can lubricate the scalp with olive, coconut and grapeseed oil and you can even use Shea butter. Yes, right on the scalp, you can! These are all natural ingredients that do not have to be in solid form to be applied to the scalp. These ingredients help to lubricate the scalp, soften the hair and prevent lice from attaching to your scalp, should you even be exposed to it. 

The frequency of conditioning the scalp should be at least as often as you shampoo/cowash your hair. You can use oils on the scalp one to two additional times per week, as needed. You don’t want to flood your scalp, however. Just because a product is all natural doesn’t mean that it should be used heavily. 

Scalp conditioning was on the decline until naturals discovered it was the products and not the technique, that was clogging their pores. Now, with so much knowledge available, it makes decisions on haircare a lot easier.