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Many people who wear locs have issues from time to time. Whether it be thinning at the root, in the middle of the loc, bumps, holes or ends breaking off, these issues can be fixed most of the time. There are other times, however, when it may be time to cut your losses and let them go. 

 Some causes for thinning locs could be related to them being too heavy for hair that is prone to thinning; it could also be causes by poor maintenance or the lack of maintenance. On the other side of that , over twisting or tightening can cause locs to thin; and finally, locs can thin if they are pruned too much with shears. 

Some ways you can repair thinning locs are:

 Tying a Knot-usually easier with thicker locs, you can tie a knot where a loc is thinner and fill in the gap. The knot is strong and can prevent losing the end of the loc or the hair beneath the thinned area. 

Reinforcing With Thread or Hair– You can reinforce a thin area, usually closer to the scalp, by wrapping the hair with materials such as thread, wool, yarn, and synthetic or human hair. For those who wish not to add additional hair, wool or thick weaving thread can do the trick. You simply would add the hair or thread to the segment of the loc that is thinning, then wrap the thread just beyond the thin area. You may need to use 2 pieces of thread or wool to get the loc to the right diameter. 

Cutting and Reattaching– You can cut the loc where it is thinning and then using weaving thread and a needle, you can sew the detached loc to the stronger part of the loc. 

Combining– Combing locs is probably the most common remedy for thinning locs. Combining locs is usually done at the root by twisting, latching, braiding or sewing 2 neighboring locs together. You can leave the two ends loose or twist them together to make them one thicker loc. It does take several months for the combined locs to grow out and look like one single loc.

Other Notes: 

If you have a section of locs that seems to be thinning, falling out or becoming very weak, you can opt to shave that side of the head, into a loc hawk or other trendy shape. 

If you have not had your locs maintained in a very long time, they may need to be repaired with additional hair, which would then have to be maintained for a while in order to restore your locs to their original condition. Using hair alone doesn’t make all of the issues immediately disappear. 

Locs can become weaker when they are not cleaned and maintained regularly. If you are very particular about your partings and the neatness  of your locs, try not to neglect them, so that they can have a chance to grow out in their original pattern. 

Locs CAN be washed, even when under 6 months old. Locs can become troublesome when dirt and products build up inside the locs. 

Most of all, locs can and most often will shed or thin out over time. Especially if they are over 5 years of age, you may notice small pieces of the ends dropping off. This is normal, and you can trim the locs, if this is bothersome to you.