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Curls are still happening today. Most often performed in traditional, long standing hair salons and beauty schools, the Jheri curl or professionally called, The Permanent Wave, is a common style sought after to create long lasting, moist and shiny everyday curls. 

Among African Americans, the Jheri Curl is performed on all natural, virgin hair. The process is to first, soften the natural hair and straighten it. Next, the hair is rolled on the desired size perm rods in a traditional or designer pattern. Finally, a solution is placed on all of the hair and rinsed out after a certain amount of time. The result will be very defined curls that do not wash away quickly and grow out over time. On the other end of the spectrum, permanent wave solution, without perm rods, is performed on many people who wish to take the curls or wave patterns out of their hair, much like a relaxer.

Styling a Jheri curl can include a number of natural inspired hairstyles such as Bantu knots knot taken down), braided updos and formal pin up styles like French rolls and pompadours. Permanent waves can also be roller set to gently straighten the hair from the curly look to a smoother, more sleek look. Most often, a traditional Doobie roller set can accomplish smooth, straightened hair until the next shampoo. You can also use flexi rods for larger, softer curls, but this should be done on damp hair and the hair must be allowed to dry completely. 

Products used to maintain a permanent wave include curl activating solutions that give the hair all day moisture and softness. These products are often used daily. If you are wearing a Jheri curl or wish to wear one, take thought on the desired curl pattern. In the picture above, a spiral rod set could help achieve this type of permanent look.