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The Kitchen Salon is a locally owned and operated natural hair care business. Specializing in natural and organic products for the hair and skin, The Kitchen Salon’s goal is to provide quality education and hair care tools for a healthy and happy natural hair journey. 

Our Black Coconut Shampoo is made from Raw African Shea Butter, a naturally lathering soap made with Palm leaves. Rustic in nature, Raw African Black Soap is dark brown and black and appears to be rough on the outside. To touch, the soap is like molding clay, softening in the hands. It will immediately lather when a very small piece is placed under running water. Black soap generally has no smell until it is combined with water, then it has a slight detergent like smell. This is the only natural soap that lathers without the addition of sulfates. 

Known for its deep cleansing properties, the soap can help improve acne of the skin and minor scalp conditions. The Kitchen Salon’s Black Coconut Shampoo also contains Coconut Milk, which helps to soften the hair and skin while the Black Soap cleanses and removes dirt and buildup. 

No artificial fragrances, dyes or detergents are used in this product. All ingredients were locally produced (In Ohio) or obtained through Fair Trade.  We believe in keeping out products free from parabens, mineral oils and sulfates, and we also do not test any products on animals. 

Try our nourishing Black Coconut Shampoo and follow up with our wonderful Coconut Conditioner with Biotin, which can also serve as a cowash. Our preservative free, conditioner is rich with Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil to encourage lasting moisture for the hair. 

Biotin is a supplement that can be taken orally or can be found in hair products to promote hair and nail growth. The Coconut Conditioner can be used by any hair type because it is not oily or heavy. When used as a cowash, it softens and hydrates the hair and the Aloe helps to refresh and define the natural curl pattern, detangling kinks along the way. 

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