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Special Announcement!

It’s finally Spring! I mean, it’s really here! We were waiting and waiting, but the snow and cold temperatures sure did linger. Now that it is warmer, naturals are ready to start rocking some new styles, trying new products and updating their wardrobe. Which brings me to this special announcement; The Kitchen Salon store is now officially open!

Product Development

Over the last 2 years, I have been creating handmade lotions and products for the hair and scalp and have sold them at a few vending events around the region. I hoped to launch the product line sooner, but the timing wasn’t right. Building a local community with Natural Hair Workshops, I have listened to the most common concerns and I have learned so much from potential customers here in Toledo, about what works and what they want to see. Then I took the time to develop the best quality products I could using local vendors and suppliers. 

About Our Ingredients

Our main ingredients are limited to a few key ingredients (Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil) that have been proven to nourish, moisturize, condition and heal the skin, scalp and hair. Being natural for almost 20 years, I have always used a small number of products in my hair and have known no significant issues loss unless illness or stress was present. With my Afro, I cut it 3 times over 9 years and with my Locs, I have cut them 3 times in 7 years and I am blessed to still have a full head of hair. 

Our Store

I am excited to share my new line of products with you, now available in our online store. I’ll have to say that the best seller is the Aloe Leave In Conditioner and the second most popular is the Herbal Balm.  We also have shampoo, conditioner, stylers and oils. Accessories are soon to come! Our store is easy to navigate through and you can order your products securely through our website. In Our store, you will also be able to purchase tickets for upcoming events! 

Thank You


I want to thank everyone who has ever been a part of anything The Kitchen Salon has done! From small workshops to the Fashion Show and the Expo, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and develop friendships with many ladies, gentlemen and children in the local community that I may otherwise not have had the chance to meet and for that I am truly grateful! I also want to thank my family, from my husband, owner of Morning People Marketing, who handles my website and promotional materials and lots of support, to my children who are with me at every event, helping me and cheering me on to keep going. Also to my friends and family members, your prayers and support during times of transition and testing, have made the difference in getting through them all. 

Final Thoughts

I never thought I would actually own any kind of business. Growing up working, I have never shied away from traditional work. But with recent health issues and family changes in the last 2.5 years, I have had to change my way of thinking and learn to use my God given talents to earn income. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity. I am aware that God has designed me for a special purpose and I hope to honor Him in all that I do. Though I may not be perfect, I am still growing and moving forward toward the goal that has been set forth for me. I thank the Lord for His healing virtues and His unfailing love for me and my family. I hope you continue to stay on this journey with me. Everything I write on this site or create with my hands is a blessing from God that I cherish. I hope that through The Kitchen Salon’s articles, workshops, events and products, your natural hair journey will be blessed.