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If your wash day is on the weekend like many of us, planning a style for the week could be a whole different series of events. If you’re still getting the hang of properly washing, conditioning and detangling your hair, worrying about a style can raise the stress level a bit. But in time, you can and will have a better experience if you are consistent and mindful of what your hair truly needs. 

Styles can range from a variety of trendy haircuts to beautiful pin up styles that easily transition from day to evening almost seamlessly. The most popular styles for naturals besides the chic cropped cut, are two strand twists and twist outs.  Twists don’t have to be perfect if your end goal is to wear a twist out, but you can get one week’s worth of styles from either option. 

But here is a Look Book for the professional natural who is seeking for style inspiration and ideas. These styles are mostly DIY styles and can be recreated at home with motivation and patience.