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Natural hair is so versatile and flexible that it truly is an art form. From springy curls to a spongy fro and sculpted locs, natural hairstyles mimic those of our Ancestors as well as modern architecture. 

Twists can look like braided ropes or silky cylinders, and cornrows have their name thanks to farmer’s rows. Locs and dreads are like velvet ropes and roller sets look like soft pillows of fabric swaying in the wind. 

Graduated haircuts and asymmetrical bobs give a dramatic look to everyday hair and shaved sides leave statuesque tufts of hair in the center that can become funky mohawks or weaved with whimsical colors like turquoise and purple. 

Natural Hair is our birthright as it is an artistic expression of who we are. Bold and highly textured, natural hair is a beautiful gift. Below are several photos of natural hair art. 

All rights reserved to the original source. No copyright infringement intended. 

* Internal Battle (Shrinkage) painting is an Art by Ariel original