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Spring Break is an exciting time for young ladies and gentlemen! Many will pack up a rental car and roll down to places like  Miami, Orlando, or Virginia Beach. The agenda will be filled with parties, beach volley ball, cookouts, dinner outings, and other special events, so worrying about hair could take away from that time. 

Choosing a style that is low maintenance will be helpful in shaving time off of getting ready for each event. But remember that being in the sun requires a few precautionary measures such as protecting the hair with a heat protectant spray  or a little grapeseed oil. Pre conditioning hair prior to swimming is a good idea especially if you will be wearing your own hair, but if you are wearing extensions of any kind, be sure to grab a bottle of Swimmer’s Shampoo to prevent damaging your hair. 

Some easy styles to think about are: 



A short, cropped cut or wash and go style is always a simple way to rock your natural and have fun! With minimal prep time, you can add any number of accessories from flowers to head wraps to a large floppy hat, to make your Spring Break enjoyable! erika

Genie Locs which are faux locs created with yarn. Synthetic hair may also be used.



Box braids of any size can be taken from a fun and  flirty look to a polished evening look in less than 15 minutes.



Two strand twists can be fashioned in many different ways. From free flowing to pinned up styles, you can rock 2 strand twists for  weeks and create several looks for each day at the beach!