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Have you ever had an Aloe plant sitting in the kitchen window? We did! When our mother would treat our cuts and scrapes, she would have us pick an aloe leaf off the plant and she would squeeze the gel from inside to sooth our wounds. We got to the point where wouldn’t ask her to help us anymore, we’d just pick our own leaves off the plant. We used them for everything like cooling our forehead when it was hot or rubbing it on our skin for moisture in the summer months. But there are many more amazing benefits in using Aloe Vera.

General Health

Aloe contains many vitamins and minerals for the health of the body. These vitamins include A, B (B12), C and E and also contains calcium and potassium. It also helps with digestion, especially for those who have acid reflux. You can drink aloe juice to heal from the inside out.

Aloe is also used to help regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels. When consumed, it helps to clear indigestion and bloating.

Healing Properties

Aloe contains components (at least 6 natural antiseptics) that aid the body in fighting off disease, infections, and bacteria. This includes itching, wounds, burns, bites, bruises and even psoriasis. Aloe can also be taken to reduce inflammation topically and internally.

Beauty Uses

Containing mostly water, aloe assists the skin in becoming soft, supple and flexible. It also is used to help minimize scars on the skin. For the hair, aloe is used as a conditioner, moisturizer and even setting gel. It is light and water soluble, has no odor and leaves no flakes. Aloe Vera eliminates itching of the scalp and dryness as well as adds protein to the hair. Finally, aloe can be used as a facial treatment. You can mix it with products or other natural ingredients for glowing, radiant skin-reducing the appearance of blackheads and acne.

Aloe plants are easy to grow in your own home. ¬†Instead of buying seeds, use an segment that is sprouting new leaves on it as your starting point or obtain a segment from a friend. This cactus like plant needs lots of sunlight, and should be planted in pot that isn’t too large. You can purchase soil for cactus plants as a suitable soil for aloe to grow in. Never saturate the plant in water, it does not make it grow faster.