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A common complaint among naturals is that there is a lack of moisture in their hair. Dry hair, frizzy hair-both seem to keep coming up, no matter what products are being used. Another complaint is that when their hair is wet, their curls are popping, but as soon as their hair dries, it’s nothing but a spongy puff.

While products are a major part of a person’s ability to keep their tresses moisturized, the techniques and methods are also very important factors. Most of all, a person’s porosity or ability to absorb moisture determines the types and amounts of products needed to ensure that their hair remains moisturized throughout the day.

The key to keeping natural hair moisturized and to retain curl definition is to layer the products you use. The simple steps are as follows:

1. Shampoo your hair with a good shampoo formulated for highly textured, curly or natural hair.

2. Condition your hair with a conditioner that is high in moisturizing ingredients like oils, butters and water of course. Try to avoid conditioners with a lot of protein or those which promote retention of protein. Protein in excessive amounts may dry the hair out.

3. Apply a leave in conditioner, this also helps keep hair tangle free and gives it slip for easier styling.

*Note: Apply each layer in small sections of the hair from the ends to the roots, to ensure full coverage. Use your fingers to detangle and stretch your natural curls so they spring or bounce.

4. Apply a  moisturizing cream or lotion to further soften the hair and deposit moisture. (If you want to have defined curls you would apply a gel or setting agent to the hair at this time)

5. To Seal & Finish, spray on or lightly apply some oil to seal the moisture in and to prevent the curls from drying too hard.

*Tip: If you use a hand held blow dryer, place a diffuser on its end and set it to medium heat and lightly set the curls.


Photo Credit: Kimberly Elise