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Keeping locs moist, soft and crunch free is often a tall task. But there are some easy steps to follow to keep your locs from drying out and breaking off:

  • Do not omit shampooing your locs. It is important to keep locs free of dirtm, debris and product build up. It will not drastically slow down the locking process.
  • Use a water based or thin leave in conditioner. You can use this daily to hydrate the hair and keep it moist. Cream based products mostly lay on top of the hair and can wind up building up and giving off a chalky appearance.
  • Oils are great for locked hair. It seals in the moisture from the leave in conditioner, softens the hair and adds sheen to the locs as well.

While wax based products aren’t forbidden, they do tend to attract dust, lint and other debris. If you prefer to use beeswax or items like it, be sure to keep your hair tied up at night.

Tip: You can also put your hair oil in a spray bottle to cover more area.  There is no big secret, just be mindful of how often you are misting your hair and sealing in moisture.

If your hair is normally dry, be sure to use ingredients such as lavendar and rosemary sparingly as they can dry the hair out as well as ACV rinses.

Using creamier products may add to build up in the locs and cause them to look dull and dry. But if you prefer creamy pomades, you can aply them to the new growth that is being palm rolled, but avoid the product on the length of the locs.

Here is a video on how to moisturize locs: