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Most of us at one time or another have had to deal with fuzz/frizz and unruly hairs creeping out of our locs. Here are a few ways to tame those strands and prevent as much frizz as possible-keeping in mind that some hair textures will frizz up more than others:

Keep a regular maintenance schedule. If you maintain your locs on a regular basis, they become trained to grow in a certain way. If you allow your locs to become overgrown, the fuzz can get out of hand. So as a rule of thumb for new locs, retwist them one to two times a month, gently. In time they will solidify. For mature locs, at least once a month is a good rule of thumb to retwist and keep locs neat.

For the length of locs that are new, and also less than 4 inches long, you can opt to wear a du rag, stocking cap or satin scarf to help lay the locs down. If you are a lady, you can opt to curl the locs by creating bantu knots/china bumps or by using rollers. This disguises the frizz, oooks pretty and makes you forget about it a little 😉

For long locs, you can palm roll the stray hairs around the locs. Simply place the loc between both palms and roll until you no longer see the strays You can opt to use a little pomade like shea butter to or aloe vera gel to assist in the taming the locs.

For new growth, be sure to catch all the hair into the loc. If your hair is on the softer side, you can use a comb to gather the hair, twist, then continue with the palm rolling. To see how this is done, see these videos:

Palm Rolling/Root Maintenance

Comb Twisting

Traditional Palm Rolling

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