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Why We Go Grey


If you are not over 50, even 60 in some cases, you may not be ready for grey hair. But it sprouts up whether we like it or not, and it can do so at almost any age. While grey hair is mostly associated with older people, it is not uncommon for people to start seeing it in their twenties.

Besides age (whereby melanin production decreases), stress has long been coined as a contributing factor in the cause of greying hair. While that may be largely true, there are other factors that lead to greying hair. It could be that it is a hereditary trait much like male patterned baldness; scientifically, grey hair is caused by the death of melanocyte stem cells that prevent melanocytes (cells that produce color)  from being created.

More contributing factors include:

  • hormones

  • climate

  • chemical treatments

Characteristics of grey hair may include:

  • wiry/coarse feeling

  • wavy or straight hair strands

  • thinner hair strands

  • silver color

  • grey mix (salt and pepper)

  • completely white

  • resilient to chemical treatments

  • may not hold curls or other styles

Going grey really isn’t something that you can reverse but if you are not ready to wear your grey, it can be colored to either blend the grey with your natural color or cover the grey altogether. Finding a great style may help you to appreciate the transition a little better as well!