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Protective styling is being used to help naturals maintain healthy hair and to retain length. There are hundreds of variations of protective styles available from box braids to sew ins.

  • Protective styling is also meant to protect the delicate ends of the hair by tucking in or hiding them within the style.
  • Protective styling is linked with moisture retention as well. Twisted styles are very common to help retain moisture in the hair and serve as a protective, low manipulation style.
  • Protective styling helps to prevent breakage by keeping trimmed, delicate ends covered. Styles such as braids and cornrows are popular in protective styling because it keeps combs and other tools out of the hair for several days at a time, promoting little to no manipulation.

Since over manipulation is one of the main causes of breakage and counters length retention, protective styling acts as a blocker, preventing one from combing, brushing, picking, blow drying and flat ironing the hair too much.

Successfully protecting the hair is best done when you:

  • keep the hair tangle free

  • use minmal tension on braids and twists

  • refresh the perimeter of extensions

  • wear extensions or weaves for the time recommended and not longer

  • ensure that extensions are installed properly

  • keep the hair cleaned, conditioned and moisturized

When done correctly, protective styling doesn’t have to be corrective styling. It can lend itself to growing longer, healthier, stronger hair.