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If you are seeing signs of aging by the way of grey hair, you may think it needs to be colored right away. That is the reaction many people give when they start to notice little silver strands peeking out around their head.

Coloring grey hair is not impossible, but there is a specific formula to consider when trying to color or cover grey hair. Most people’s first instinct is to run to Sally’s or Walgreens to buy a box of color. While that may be a great and inexpensive fix, it may come at a cost when trying achieve certain colors.

Store bought hair colorants may contain metallic salts. These salts change hair color by building up over time and often give off a dull, ashy appearance. It is very difficult to lighten the hair or drastically change dark metallic color treatments when desired because of this.

Grey hair can also be yellowish in color because of sun exposure, smoking, medication or hair products. To remove the yellow color, you can brighten your hair with a decolorizing treatment.

If your hair is mostly its natural color with a little grey, you can just blend the colors. Going for your natural color to make it all even is a simple fix.

If you have salt and pepper hair, choosing a color that is a shade or two lighter will help give your hair a natural look. Most people go for black, when naturally black hair is actually quite uncommon. Dark browns in a 2 or 3 may work, but could appear to very dark on salt and pepper hair.

If your hair is completely grey or even white, take note that going lighter may be nice but may not offer maximum coverage since lighter colors don’t have a lot of pigment in them and grey hair is already void of pigment. However, lighter colors may be more flattering since dark colors may look stark and unnatural.  For the best results, color grey to the closest color to your own natural hair.

Coloring grey hair isn’t impossible, but it is an art to say the least. Choosing a hair color and getting the best results are best achieved when you visit your salon professional to do the job. They can more clearly see all the places where the hair is greying and formulate a custom color just for you.