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This topic sparks much debate in the natural hair community. While some just want to know if their hair is considered natural or not, others make the case about the authenticity of it all.

Natural hair is hair that grows from the scalp unaltered by chemicals or heat. Its texture is true and does not change without manipulation. Natural hair can be completely straight on a person of European descent while it may be extremely curly on individuals of African descent.

When the natural hair texture is changed from curly to straight by blow drying or flat ironing, it is still without chemicals but it is not the original hair texture that grows from the scalp. This, however is a reversible or temporary change.

When natural hair is colored, depending on the type of colorant used, the hair cuticle is opened so that natural color can be lifted and a new color is deposited into the hair strand.With permanent color- If the hair is being lightened, the natural color has to be removed from the hair to accomplish this. While the texture may still be curly, the repeated use of colorants can stretch the curls and change the texture over time.

When natural hair is smoothed with blow out solutions, it slightly removes the elasticity of the hair and can permanently alter the texture with repeated or improper use.

On the other side of things, many argue that natural hair is growing your OWN hair without the use of extensions of any kind. And that is true also. It may be chemically treated, but it is not artificial, so it’s a valid point.

Other factors that can change the natural state of hair are: sunlight and UV rays, the use of natural juices to lighten the hair, henna which can help elongate curls with repeated use, medication changes, chronic illnesses, smoking and stress, rest/sleep patterns and nutrition.

Natural hair can also be what works for your personality-the style that comes natural to you, so whatever your beliefs are about natural hair, they are YOUR beliefs. Engaging in harsh debates most likely is not effective. While there are scientific facts about natural, organic hair-one’s perception is a major factor as well.