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Winter hair care may seem as simple as just adding more moisture to the hair and that will do it. But a little more goes into winterizing your hair to keep it healthy and strong.Things that affect the hair in the winter are the sun, wind, snow, rain, sub zero temperatures-all things that can cause the hair to be dry, brittle, and even break off.

What you can do to prevent these things from happening is to invest in great deep conditioning treatments like Organics Olive Oil Deep Conditioning Treatment and use heavier oils on the ends of the hair, like extra virgin olive oil which is very rich in fatty acids. There will always be oil near the scalp where the oils are produced, but the ends of the hair are often ignored. What about protective styles? Those are fine, but be sure that the ends you tuck in are covered because they can still be dry and break off. If you have fine hair, you may opt to use a leave in conditioner instead of thick conditioners.

For styling, you can use styling creams that not only help hold and define curls, but also keeps them moisturized. Be sure that your hair is completely dry before going outdoors to avoid weathered mishaps that can leave your hair matted, brittle and dry.

By all means, please cover your hair. If you love hats, try finding hats that are lined with satin or silk. You can also sew a scarf into a hat or wrap your hair with a scarf before donning a hat.

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