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We all want a miracle every now and then. Even if that miracle is to grow long, strong, thick hair. Going natural is already something that many women are afraid of. Will my hair be dry and kinked up? Will my hair GROW?


Well the short answer is YES! Yes, natural hair can and will grow, but because of the natural of curls, the hair often grows up and out instead of down like straight flat strands of hair.


Hair on average will grow about ¼ to ½ inch per month, but it is truly different for everyone. But for those who cannot wait or are experiencing hair loss, the lookout for a product that will grow hair back is always on the forefront of the mind.


It has been said that Monistat, an anti yeast cream used for feminine hygiene and health, is a great product to regrow hair. You may not know that it is found in Rogaine Men & Women’s treatments. Also known as minoxidil or miconazole nitrate this cream is actually PROVEN to regrow hair! Monistat is recommended by many dermatologists and health care providers because of  its proven effects.


Monistat, which is used to treat fungus like ringworm and jock itch, can kill bacteria that clogs the pores and prevents hair from growing by opening the pores and allowing them to breathe. This product also has a side effect of hair growth, so there is the proof as to why it works. This product works as long as you use it but it has been said that it doesn’t continue to grow hair once you stop using it on your scalp.


There are a few ways to apply the cream to the scalp, and it is not recommended for the hair itself, since it is already old hair.


You can mix monistat with butters and oils and make a smooth cream application or you can put some in a squeeze bottle with a little water, so it can easily be applied to the scalp. If you notice itching or burning, you could have used too much or your scalp could be too sensitive for the product. You can apply it to the scalp after each wash or adjust the application to your preference.


If you have used this cream to regrow hair, what has your experience been?