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Protective styles are the kinds of styles that are meant to protect the hair from damage due to over manipulation, product build up to prevent the elements from drying the hair out. There are many protective styles, but the 2 strand twists are the most common ones.

Two strand twists are the go to style for most naturals. They are convenient, versatile, easy to care for and low maintenance. You can wear them on short or longer lengths of natural hair and they are also a great way to wear transitioning hair as well.

Two strand twists can be worn in a variety of ways and can last up to a month, including washing them and they are helpful in retaining moisture in the hair as well as allowing the hair to grow since it isn’t manipulated as much as it would be if the hair was loose.

Below, this video shows a few ways to wear 2 strand twists, if you are looking for inspiration. Also check out the ebook one hairstyle 31 ways by Naturally Twisted.