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Many are curious about hair locking and there is so much information around about loose natural hair but not as much about hair locking for African Americans. Today will cover traditional locs.

Traditional Locs

Traditional locs are the most popular and the most common type of locs there are around the world. These locs are the kind that are started with comb coils or single strand twists. They resemble Shirley Temple Curls and look very shiny when they are created.

These locs can take anywhere from 1 hour to 4 hours to be installed, depending on how long and thick one’s hair is. They can be created in square shapes or diamond shapes as well.

The cost to have these installed is anywhere from $35-$100. This is based on many factors such as the area or location, the loctician’s level of expertise, of course the hair’s thickness and length, and the labor costs.

To maintain these locs, many will find it difficult because when washed, they generally come unraveled. Maintenance is done by twisting or palm rolling the new growth every 2-4 weeks. The frequency of maintenance will depend on how well you care for your own hair, how fast it grows, how often you wash it or sweat, and the preference of yourself and the loctician involved.

In the earliest stages, if you loc your hair this way, you will not want to wait too long between maintenance because water can wash all of the twists away and your locs would have to be restarted.

You can minimize unraveling by placing a hair net or weave net over your locs to protect them from the rush of water, the manipulation of the scalp as it is cleaned, and the product itself creating slip, which would unravel your locs.

It generally takes 6-8 months to see a big change in the start of your locs and their being on the way to becoming an actual loc.

This method is still preferred by most people because the result of perfectly cylindrical locs is also a goal for them. Others also believe that this is the ONLY way to loc, because it is most authentic.