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Growing long hair down to there seems like a goal for many naturals. We all want to wave and swing our hair every now and then. We get sew ins, rock wigs, get braids or twist extensions, but imagining ourselves with long hair that is all our own is something that most consider a fairy tale never to come true. But there are women who are proving that black natural hair can really grow long and strong without chemicals or growing it out with extensions.

Here are some helpful hints to help you grow out your hair to its maximum length!


Drink plenty of water, get rest, exercise, minimize stress and eat a well balanced diet. These are the first and most obvious ways to promote overall health. You can also add vitamin supplements, some take Biotin, some take Prenatal vitamins, but a daily multi- vitamin should help boost up the nutrients in your body.

 Also don’t ignore your body when it is aching, your breathing isn’t right, you are sleeping more or less than usual; if you are gaining or losing weight, losing hair in areas or noticing thinning, if your vision changes or if your scalp becomes sensitive. Not all of these are medical emergencies, but they could indicate that there is something going on with you that could lead to hair loss or permanent damage.



 In humid climates, be mindful of how many moisturizing products you use. Sometimes too much moisture can add to frizz and other hair problems. Also, protect your hair from excessive sun light, salt water, sand and chlorine. You can still swim and enjoy the summer breeze, just remember to protect your hair.  In the Winter, be sure that your hair is moist enough and is dry before going outside. Also, wear silk or satin scarves under hats or on the hair to protect your ends from breakage on coats, hats and scarves. Try sealing in moisture to reduce fuzz and prevent drying out.


Hair Care

Products rich in protein and glycerin aren’t all bad. Just use them in moderation. You can also add vegetable glycerin and protein to products you already love and use.

Washing your hair on a regular basis can be maximized with a oil treatment and scalp massage before actually shampooing your hair. The oil treatment helps to make hair softer and more manageable, massaging helps loosen up dirt and stimulate hair growth and protects the hair from drying agents found in many shampoos. Don’t skip the conditioner. If you have locs, try using a leave in conditioner that easily penetrates your locs and leaves them soft and crunch free.

Minimize the amount of manipulation you use in your hair. It isn’t completely necessary to comb, brush, pick, and then finger comb your hair each and every day. Try styles that will last a few days and require little manipulation and heat styling.

Modify your hair care routine when needed. If you don’t need to shampoo, it’s ok to skip it once. Doing so too often can strip the hair, dry it out and cause brittle hair and possible breakage. Change products if you have to or the types of tools you use, if needed. Throw away expired items or worn items and be sure that your heat tools are working properly to avoid scorching or hair loss. Trim hair as often as needed and cut off damage as soon as you notice it.

Know your hair. By nature, it will grow to a certain length that is due to genetics. Don’t get caught up in the race to victory. Your hair is not like everyone else’s hair. Comparing yourself to others makes you lose focus and it leads to not appreciating what you already have and are working with.



Wear extensions wisely. Not many have to wear extensions if we learn to properly care for our own hair and use patience. It is easy to become frustrated with natural hair especially when we don’t know what to do with it, but taking the time to learn our hair and its behavior sooner than later, can lead to a long, happy, healthy relationship with our tresses.

Overall, you can set goals for your hair but don’t be discouraged if you don’t reach your goals because again, some may not grow waist length hair, but if you can achieve bra strap length, be happy in that.