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Frizzy hair is a beast and can rear its ugly head at any given time in a woman’s day! So here are some of the top causes of frizz. Take a look and see where you can improve your hair care regimen to minimize frizz as much as possible.

  • Humidity in your environment is one of the main factors in how your hair looks. Sometimes humidity can make your hair flat or it can make your hair swell up. In places like Louisiana, where I lived, humidity was my friend because it swelled my very tight curls and made my TWA (teenie weenie afro) very soft and manageable without the addition of a lot of products
  • Not trimming your hair is another reason hair can be frizzy. If you’re in need of a trim and have split ends or breakage, a simple trim may cure the frizz beast once and for all.
  • Genetics are a factor in whether or not your hair will be frizzy. Curly hair doesn’t always have a lot of frizz, so you can’t always base how your hair will look by looking at someone else’s hair. Your own DNA and chemistry may make your 4C hair look as volumnous as type 3  hair, or it could o the opposite, but keep in mind that your own chemistry plays a part in how your hair looks and feels.
  • Product overload can really fuzz things up for you. If you are using deep conditioners, leave in conditioners, moisturizing creams, hot oil treatments, keratin treatments and live in the South, you may as well consider a cotton ball as your hair twin.  Sticking to the basics will help minimize frizz for sure. You can even thin out some thicker products with water or oil, depending on what it is and how you use it.
  • Use the right kinds of products. Not all products are made equally.
  • Over heating your hair. If you wash then blow dry your hair then wrap it then sit under a dryer, take that down then flat iron your hair and use the curling iron to style it-and you do this on the regular, you can easily over heat your hair, causing scorching and irreversible damage that would have to be cut off. Overly dry and damaged hair can become very frizzy.
  • Hair color when over done, done incorrectly or not properly maintained, can cause your hair to frizz up. Seek a professional for your color services to minimize the risk of having frizzy hair.
  • Styling dry hair can cause frizz. If you have very curly hair, spritzing the hair with a detangling mist or leave in conditioner will help you style your hair more easily and help cut back on frizz.

If you have reviewed this list and find that you are breaking some frizz factor rules, you can easily change your habits and develop healthier, more efficient habits to reduce the appearance of the frizz beast.