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Getting your hair braided up for the Winter is a common practice for women whether they are natural or not. The New Year falls in the Winter where resolutions to get fit come into play, so going natural, working out or going on a diet are some popular goals for women. Getting hair braided up or having a weave sewn is often done to simplify the hair routine so they can focus on something different or it is done to help the transition of going natural be more tolerable.

Preparing the hair for any type of braids, twists or extension services, you will want to start with clean hair. Many stylists or braiders prefer to have no products in the hair at all before starting, but check with them to be sure. Still, after washing your hair, try a deep conditioning treatment. You can opt for a hot oil treatment next, then apply your products before the hair dries. If you did this 48 hours before your service, the products will have had time to absorb into your scalp so you won’t have slippery hair when your appointment time arrives.

Also, if you have any split ends, you should trim before you get your braids or sew in. When you remove them later, you should be able to see the growth and the take down process shouldn’t have as much shedding as before.