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Going Grey gracefully can be a challenge. At first sight, many wish to cover the grey away. What they may notice is the need to color the hair more often also. Grey hair is free of color and becomes resilient to coloring and styling.

Grey hair often becomes thinner, more wiry, straighter, and softer. The texture may loosen up and look pretty, but many experience straightening and limpness when their hair turns grey.

Even if you can color the hair and it lasts, it won’t change the texture to be more defined or curlier either. Using heat to style the hair may be too harsh for grey hair. Trying air drying or hard bonnet style drying works best.

Grey hair may fall out if relaxers are applied to it. The chemicals will further break down the already weak hair strands. You can straighten grey hair with a simple roller set. You would be surprised how straight and shiny it looks!

The hair may be frizzy, so be sure to trim your ends regularly to avoid this. Unless your hair is already very long, layered cuts look lovely on grey hair.

If you are flat ironing or dare I say, pressing your hair, be sure to use a heat protectant like Grapeseed oil or Safflower oil. Be sure not to hold the heat on the hair too long or pull too hard, possibly yanking hair out that may not as easily and readily grow back.

Try using a mild shampoo or even a baby shampoo as your hair may not need the harsh, drying agents found in many shampoos.

Be careful with colorants as they may cause the hair to yellow or turn blue or green during processing.

Going grey doesn’t have to mean you look older. You can rock chic cuts, layers, twists and pin up styles that will look beautiful no matter how old you are or what color your hair is!

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