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So you have seen the ads, the products, the models, the pictures floating around on Facebook and Tumblr and you have made the decision to go natural. Whether you were patient and grew out several inches of natural hair over a period of several months or years, or if you decided one day to lop off your relaxed tresses and get on with it, the Big Chop can be a scary thing.

At first glance, you are mysteriously intrigued and mortified about what you just did and at first touch, you may experience a feeling of exuberation. But living with short natural hair from day to day is different, even different from wearing a short relaxed and layered cut.

There are just a few tips to share about caring for your new TWA:

• Keep your hair moisturized by sprtizing daily with a leave in conditioner or mix of water and essential oils
• Massage your scalp and hair to distribute natural oils and promote hair growth
• Cover your hair at night to prevent drying
• Use caution when coloring your hair or try Naturtint which is a vegetable based dye
• Detangle your hair while it is wet, using conditioner and styling tool of your choice. (Some prefer a wide tooth comb, pick or denman brush)
• Be patient with it. Your hair will grow and change, just take the time to get to know your texture
• Develop a regular routine for washing and moisturizing.
• Keep accessories like head bands, flowers and clips to spruce up your TWA