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Biotin, also known as Vitamin B or H, is a great source for boosting metabolism. We have biotin naturally and help carry carbon dioxide through the body and processing energy. As a part of the B Vitamin group, we sometimes have deficiencies that can lead to tiredness and lethargy. The lack of sleep and adequate rest can lead to other issues like weight gain and hair loss.

Biotin is great for:

Metabolic Booster

Blood Sugar Regulator

Hair & Nail Growth

You can find biotin in egg yolks, broccoli, cauliflower, salmon, avocado and milk as well as in supplements like tablets, capsules or softgels. These supplement tablets can be taken orally or crushed into shampoo to boost hair growth. You can even add the softgels to your nail cuticle oil to encourage nail strength and nail growth.

Do you use biotin? If so, what is your main source foods, pills or other forms of supplements?
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