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The Denman brush; it has tiny prongs on it and designs may vary:

• Nylon bristles penetrate and controls the style
• Boar bristles provide polish and added shine
• Soft, rubber, air-cushioned pad allows for gentle control and smoothing
• Hygienic and durable with resistance to heat
• Ideal for detangling and grooming all types of long hair

Denman brushes are used to smooth the hair, comb out tough tangles, minimize shedding, and even back brushing the hair. There is much debate about using a hair tool on natural hair, for the size of the prongs or bristles on the brush and the fear that hair would be torn out instead of shedding.

Some people even modify their denman by removing some of the bristles or prongs and this brush can also be used for the shingling method. Always use caution with hair tools of any kind. They can all cause damage to your hair when they are not used properly.