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A dog can be trained; a child can be potty trained; a new employee can be trained, but what about the curls on your head? There is the question going around about training curls to have a certain look and feel.

I have never tried to train my curls, I just let them fall where they may. So many techniques have been discovered through people’s constant exploration of their hair and how to manage and style it so they can wear their naturals with confidence. But all these terms can be confusing and can make someone spin in circles trying to figure everything out.

For one method created, another similar already exists. There is nothing new under the sun, so history just repeats itself over and over. The beauty about the world wide web is that this information is being spread around more often for people to find and learn more about it.

There is a method called The Curly Girl Method, which is a great way to train the hair to curl up nicely. This involves, wetting the hair daily and using conditioner to run through the wet hair. Once you have done this, your hair should be dried using a diffuser to set the natural curls. It is said that if this is done often, you will have trained curls.

You can also use heat to train your curls, but with caution. Basically, when you blow dry, roller set or flat iron your hair regularly, over time, your curls will stretch and become more elongated.

These are the main two methods I have seen used to train curls. While there may be different names for each, you will begin to see the similarities.

Coloring the hair with traditional dyes and some types of henna may, over time, also elongate your curls so that when they are wet, they have more definition.

Of the ways mentioned, the Curly Girl (CG) method is probably the safest and healthiest way to train your curls, and it works for almost every hair texture.