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In this first chapter, the author describes her almost traumatic experience at a holiday function with her wig catching on fire. The stench of the burnt hair overpowered the sweet candles and  food she was preparing for her guests. While she was horrified by the experience, she explained that having so many wigs in her collection made it simple to switch out to something different and get back to her party.

What would have happened if she wasn’t at home when this incident occurred, possibly helping someone else in their kitchen? Would it have been so simple then, to have done a quick switch and keep the celebration going? What if her OWN hair caught on fire? How would the story have changed?

Have you ever been in a situation like this? If you were, would you be able to go to your wig collection as Chris-Tia was?

If you have purchased several wigs and falls, and you are natural underneath, how much would you say you have spent on wigs? Would adding up the cost cause you to make the decision to come out of your wigs?

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