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If you have ever noticed extra hair in the sink when you comb it or hair on the pillow, you have experienced shedding. But what happens when it is in large clumps? Hair loss is common and can happen to anyone. From babies to teenagers, the hair changes a few times also, and there could be shedding away of hair during those years. But when you are an adult and you notice hair loss, you should act right away.

There could be many reasons why your hair is falling out and they include:


  • using old products that have expired
  • allergic reaction to chemicals like lye or formaldehyde
  • lupus
  • chemo therapy
  • blood pressure medication
  • child birth
  • stress/anxiety
  • anorexia or bulimia
  • trichotillomania
  • insomnia/sleeplessness
  • poor hair care
  • matted hair/uncombed hair
  • extensions in too long
  • weave sewn in too tight
  • allergy to synthetic hair or wigs
  • product buildup
  • heat damage
  • dryness/brittleness
  • split ends
  • repeat styling (the same style over and over)
  • AIDS/auto-immune diseases
  • Unclean hair
  • Ringworm

In many cases, hair that has fallen out can be regrown, but you should consult with a physician and possibly a dermatologist to be sure. You can regrow your hair by:


  • Doing a daily scalp massage
  • Trying the greenhouse effect
  • Trimming split ends
  • Doing a hot oil treatment
  • Applying a deep conditioning treatment
  • Taking biotin supplements
  • Taking prenatal vitamins
  • Massaging scalp with rosemary and castor oil
  • Trying Minoxodil (Rogaine or Monistat) or Doo Grow products
  • Wearing stress free styles like a wash n go, TWA or pin up styles
  • Avoiding wigs, weave and other extensions
  • Refraining from coloring the hair


Hair loss can be traumatic and can really put a damper on self esteem. If you are dealing with health issues that are causing your hair to fall out, be sure to follow your doctor’s plan in regaining your health and adding in some of these tips to grow back healthy hair.