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Have you ever heard of Yarn Braids? It sounds interesting, right? Well what in the world are they?

The simple answer is that they are individual box braids that are attached to a person’s hair with an ordinary spool of yarn.

You may have also heard of yarn braids referred to as:
• Genie Locs
• Nu Locs
• Faux locs
• Temporary locs

Yarn braids are best installed using acrylic yarn as cotton yarn may absorb your natural oils and the oils you add to your hair. They also become more wooly over time and could cause problems when it is time to remove them. Red Heart is the most common brand of yarn used and is easy to find at Wal Mart, JoAnn fabrics and more.

Most often, people use black, but you can use brown and other colors for highlights or contrast.

Be careful not to make your braids too tight. And if you are creating yarn locs, this process is longer than just creating braids, which over time, look like locs also.

You will need 1 large spool of yarn, scissors, a lighter, duck bill clips and a rat tail comb for parting.

To prepare your hair, wash, detangle, condition and air dry the hair. The straighter the hair, the harder it may be for the yarn to be attached to the hair-it will slip. Cut several pieces of yarn to the desired length. I used 3 pieces of yarn for the hair around the edges.

Part your hair into boxes or squares, then add the yarn at the top, braiding your own hair in with it. Continue to the desired length, then tie a small knot and snip with scissors or burn the ends with a lighter. USE CAUTION please.

To create the loc look. Once you have braided all the hair down to the desired length, you will want to take additional yarn and starting at the nape, wrap the yarn around the braid until the end, then tie and burn that. This takes more time, so it may be easiest to start in the front of your hair so you can pull it back into a pony tail, disguising the back or middle until you can finish.

I used to do these once a year when I wore my hair loose. It took at least 3 days and 2-3 hours each time, with breaks and interruptions, but I kept them in for 2-3 months, and wore them in a variety of styles.

Take a look at this how to video to see yarn braids installed.