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Some people whether they have natural hair or not, prefer to use one full line of products. Some stylist  prefer only one line as well. But what if you don’t like the full line? What if you try a new line and like only how the moisturizer works, but like the shampoo from another line?


The questions is often asked if one should mix product lines or not. The answer is that it isn’t about a should or shouldn’t situation, but you could if you want to do so. I know that I like a certain brand of shampoo but I only will buy a different brand of leave in conditioner. This works me as well as many others.


Some may not need to invest so much in their shampoo as other products or vice versa, but the short answer is, whatever you prefer. The only thing I would be mindful of is the added scents to products. Sometimes mixing fragrances leave your hair smelling sour