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Thank God I’m Natural begins with a foreword from Motown Girl, who had the very first website dedicated to Natural Hair, beginning in 2001. How many have been to her website and followed her journey before?

I know that I went to her site as often as I could. By the time it came online, I had been natural for about 4 years. I found her site to be very resourceful and loved the photos of her hair progression and step by step tips and tutorials.

In the introduction of Chris-Tia’s book, she talks about the use of chemicals and the sometimes, double standards moms may have in regard to them with our children. The book reads: “We often go to extreme lengths to protect our children from the solutions and chemical cocktails so dangerously lurking under the kitchen sink-yet we turn around and apply those same toxic agents to their hair and scalps without ever questioning the impact on their health and safety.”

How does this statement apply to your life today, and is it something that will make you reconsider what you are doing with your hair as well as your children’s hair?

I also like to bring up the topic of how quickly we as parents are to put a chemical relaxer in our little girls’ hair while allowing our sons’ hair to grow out and we take the time to braid their hair and style it for them, naturally…what are your thoughts on this?


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