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Many ask the question as to how they can keep their natural hair soft and moisturized. Complaints of hard, crunchy, hair is a common place for naturals to be, especially when starting off fresh with the Big Chop.

If you are newly natural or have been a natural a long time but still struggle with this, you may want to try The Greenhouse Effect AKA GHE. The GHE is much like the night time hair care routine but includes a plastic bag and time in the morning for the hair to dry.

The purpose of the GHE is to give the hair a steam treatment through the night which helps promote soft, manageable hair and also promotes hair growth. It helps keep your natural loose and moisturized instead of packed down and dry. The GHE also:

  1. Creates better circulation to the scalp
  2. is great for those who have dandruff
  3. prevents breakage and unnecessary shedding
  4. helps preserve hair color
  5. helps to strengthen the hair

To do the GHE on your natural, all you will need is a plastic cap, larger scarf & a winter hat or a beanie and some oils. The GHE is most effective when done 2-3 times a week at night or for at least 20-30 minutes each time if you prefer not to sleep with the cap on, etc. If that is the case, you will want to use proper night time care once the GHE has been completed.

What about the Baggy Method? Both are similar, however, the Baggy Method most often uses a water based product on the hair and is not left on over night. The Baggy Method also concentrates on the fragile ends of the hair and retaining length. You can use saran wrap, plastic caps or even plastic sandwich bags with the hair in smaller sections. The biggest difference is that this method encourages water to be produced creating wet hair with the products and body heat. Usually only the plastic cap is used whereas with the GHE, layers of coverings are used to add moisture by promoting natural oils to generate.

To do the GHE, you can opt out of using added oils to prevent too much moisture from occurring, especially if you are wearing a flat ironed style. With the plastic cap, scarf and hat, your scalp will produce its own oils that can be massaged in the morning and should help with stimulating hair growth as well.

If you are using oils, apply a small amount of oil to the hair and scalp and massage. Then place the plastic cap on your head. Follow that by tying a scarf over the plastic cap, then place the hat or beanie on top of that. Many opt out of either the hat or the scarf, but you can modify this to your preference. Keep this on over night and in the morning, allow the hair to dry before doing a style, especially if heat is involved. But if you are fluffing, or have twists or locs you can fluff and go.

You may find this method and also the baggy method more tolerable in the winter when moisture boosts are needed due to extreme cold temperatures and wind.