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Have you considered going blonde? Natural hair has a completely different personality than hair that is chemically straightened, so color has a different response from naturals.

While some people may be born with blonde or very light colored hair, many are not and would love to rock the color, even if just for a few months.

You can use any traditional hair colorant (ie. Clairol, Dark & Lovely) to change your current color but there are also more organic ways to lighten up your hair color. If you want a boxed dye that is safer to use, try Herbatint or Naturtint. They cost more than store boxed dyes, but have less strenuous effects on the hair. They are virtually odor free and safe for use at home.

Another way to lighten up your hair naturally is to spritz on 100% lemon juice. The combination of lemon juice and sunlight causes the hair to lighten without any chemical reaction. For reds, you can use beets and for browns, you can use coffee or tea.

Some Henna products may be used to color the hair, but they are not all organic. Should you decide that you want to try Henna, organic henna may lighten hair over time, but it is most recognized for its deep conditioning and shining capabilities. If you are afraid of dyeing all of your hair, consider highlights or low lights instead.

Below are photos of naturals with blonde hair. They have different hair types, some are locked, some are born with it. But if you want to try it, who is stopping you?

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