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Being natural doesn’t mean you have to be a completely raw beauty. Simplicity is nice and there is a time to be simplistic and there is also a time where you can add something BOLD to your life!

Whether it is a new hairstyle you wouldn’t normally wear, a new hair color, a bold fashion piece like an over sized scarf or a bright blue shoe with an ensemble of black and white. Spicing up your day can come in many forms, adding boldness!

 What you can use:

  • Fabric for a neck scarf or larger head band
  • Large chunky jewelry
  • Mix & Match bangle bracelets
  • Bold shoes or hand bag
  • Multi-material earrings like mixing leather with metal
  • Bold lip color like orange or hot pink
  • Do a temporary hair color in blue/black or bright red
  • Rock bold statement tees and tanks (dress them up with a  blazer and heels)

You can  be inspired by art, fashion, television or even an ad in a magazine.But whatever your inspiration,

Be Natural, Be Bold!


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