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On September 24, 2012, we launched the first of a  series of workshops with Friends of the Mott Branch Library in Toledo. Mott Mane Mondays is a monthly event held at the Dorr Street Library, offering a number of topics in regard to going natural and natural hair care.

Mott Mane Mondays takes place every 4th Monday of the month from 6-8pm and includes a Product Swap. The first Workshop was all about Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair and included Q & A in addition to going over the process of going natural. We were unable to view videos about Transitioning due to technical difficulties, so I wanted to share the videos  here.

The first is a formal account of a woman’s transition to natural hair, found below:

The second is a great video on how you can transition for 2 years using minimal heat and braidout. Not many tools are needed for this type of transition and you will see that her hair looks like she is already natural when instead, she is transitioning. You will also see the dual textures in this video as well. Take a look at her BIG CHOP here!

Some of the questions answered in class was how to deal with dry, frizzy hair; how to style the hair in the transition and how long it takes to grow out relaxed hair.

The next workshop is October 22, 2012 and is all about hair/scalp conditions, common issues with natural hair and our Fall Harvest Party. Workbooks will be available in a large binder to add to them for each additional class. The workbooks are $5 each and just packets are available for $2.50 each at the Library.

We will enjoy hot cocoa, Autumn treats and don’t forget our product swap! All workshops are FREE and open to the public!

You can register for Mott Mane Mondays below!