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The Natural Hair, Summer Care Meetup was held Friday, July 13th at the Historical Gerber House located on the Collingwood Arts Center Campus. Nearly 50 women filled the parlors of the Mansion to share, learn and shop all things natural. Guests entered the room to scented candles and easy listening soul music playing in the background. Greeting each other while pulling up a chair to secure their spot in the meetup!

As Yasu introduced herself and her family, she invited guests to partake of the refreshments that were provided by her family (Her Husband Imani, their 4 daughters and 3 sons).

The Ice Breaker Game was “What’s in your purse?” A great way for everyone to interact with each other while kindly competing for one of 4 Shea Moisture prizes.  At the close of the game, each guest learned that what was in their purse also serves as a DIY survival kit for crunch times or hair emergencies!

Later in the Meetup, the host shared tips on caring for hair in the Summer, asking the guests to share their tips with one another as well. This included tips on how to prepare the hair for night time and how to retain moisture using a live hair model.

Additional games were played throughout the evening for prizes and a Raffle was also held to give away 2 complete natural hair care lines from Lustrasilk.

With many questions asked and answered either by the host or other guests in the parlor, each person walked away feeling empowered in their natural journey or inspired to go natural.

In the adjacent parlor, where the refreshments were served, the ladies were able to shop for handmade accessories like rings, earrings, loc jewels, head bands and decorative combs. And most of all, The Kitchen Salon’s Natural Hair Care Line was available and sold out by the end of the night!

Yasu gives many thanks to the Toledo Natural Hair Community and surrounding areas for an outstanding evening of fun and learning! A very special thank you to the staff at the Collingwood Arts Center and natural hair model, Tosha Easter for making the night a success.