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My children are growing up so fast!! All those young years are gone pretty much for 6 of the 7. It is amazing to think that soon, I will have a High School Graduate and a Pre Schooler! LOL Still, the majority of questions I receive are from adults, and my children are heavily involved in so many activities, so I decided to post a few sites that update more often about children’ s hair much more often than I do:

Chi Chi Sophistication is a great blog for little brown girls! With great styles and tips, this blog wins 5 stars for creativity and inspiration!There is also a Facebook Page.

Our Natural Kids is an online community that provides a place to post questions and have them answered, share photos and tips and find natural hair events.

Natural Hair Care for Kids is a Facebook Page where people can interact with one another, sharing photos, styles, how to’s and tips.

Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care is a blog from a Caucasian Mom who is caring for and African American child. She offers great how to demonstrations of how to achieve styles and care for her daughter’s hair.

Girls Love Your Curls is a Youtube Channel dedicated to naturally curly kids with tips and demonstrations you can see step by step.

Beads, Braids and Beyond follows the hair journey of one little girl, from longĀ  hair growth to styles, to hair care and more, it is here in this blog!