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In the 1960s, a revolution was taking place in Black America. People embracing their naturals was the new empowering movement that brought Blacks of all shades together. Used as a way to make a bold statement, wearing an Afro signified a direct connection to African Roots.

Chapter 3 of Hair Story describes the coming together of many Blacks who were wearing a natural and the division among Blacks where those with relaxed hair were viewed as conforming by naturals. Today, this same thing is taking place. While you have a whole new world of Natural Hair Care, there are still debates about which hair is “healthier”, “Manageable” and “Aesthetically Pleasing”.

What arguments have you heard recently about going natural or staying relaxed?

A difference was made in this Chapter in regard to an Afro and a Natural. An Afro was noted to be a sculpted, evenly shaped style while the Natural was just loose hair that had no particular shape or formation, often  fashioned into cornrows, braids and the wearing of Africa Inspired Gelees (head wraps) were also worn. Do you agree today, that an Afro is sculpted and neat while a Natural is not?

While many in the 1960’s associated any Natural with Revolutionary Movements, there were several college aged students who wore their Naturals because it was a trend. Attaching natural hair to a cause was a great part of African American History, but for many of those students, they could not identify with the Civil Rights Movement or just weren’t in tune with what was going on in society around them.

Currently there is another discussion as to whether or not natural hair is a trend or here to stay…What are your thoughts about this? Do you find that people are going natural just because it looks nice without really knowing what being natural entails?

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