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Q. How do I find my hair type? There are so many places to look online and even television now. How do I know what my true hair type is and what is the system for anyway?


A. There are a few ways to arrive at your own hair type due to the internet, but they all classify the hair into four: 1-straight, 2-wavy, 3-curly, 4-tightly coiled. Some systems get into 2a or 3b, etc, but this is not necessary. It only confuses people.

The main purpose for developing a hair typing system was to help people determine which hair products and tools would work best on their hair and is not to be confused with determining who has “good” or “bad” hair. But a note to follow is that while hair on a picture looks like a 3, for instance Alicia keys’ curly hair style, the hair may have a different chemistry and may not respond to products used on her hair the same.

To determine your hair type, you can take a few hairs that have naturally shed, and place them on a piece of white paper. You can then use a chart, to decide your texture. You may also notice that the hair in front may be different from the back, this is normal for most.

But there is more to hair typing that includes:
  •  density –  The number of hair strands per square inch on the head
  • porosity – The hair’s ability to absorb moisture
  •  elasticity- -The hair’s ability to stretch without breaking
A licensed professional should be able to analyze your hair and help you determine your hair type and what products would work best on your hair.


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