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As we all may have heard at some point in our lifetime, WE began in Africa. According to Henry Louis Gates over 11 million Africans were sold during slavery. Not only were Africans sold away from their families, and birth places, but their names were replaced, and their distinguished features battered and virtually erased from their very soul.

In  Hair Story, the preface and first chapter are rich with cultural history and illustrations of ornate hair styles on Afro hair. The authors wrote “Ever since African civilizations bloomed, hairstyles have been used to indicate a person’s marital status, age, religion, ethnic identity, wealth and rank, within the community.”


1. Do you find this to be true today in the natural hair community?

2. Among the various natural hair styles worn today, would you say that TWAs, Traditional Locs, Large, round Afros, Sisterlocks, or Loosely curled natural hair speak of a certain status or position in society?

3. Do you feel that these styles also play a role in determining who has “Good Hair” or “Bad Hair”? What are your thoughts on this age old debate?

In the last line of the first chapter, it is written “…for the first time since the journey from Africa, Black hair could be celebrated outside the bonds of slavery.”

4. Does this ring true today through natural hair meetups, expos and  the world wide web?

Share your thoughts and stories with us!