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There are plenty of ways that people will be deterred from going natural. Whether it is something you have grown up hearing or something you have heard people say, this natural hair thing comes with deeply rooted issues.

Here are 4 common myths about natural hair:

It’s hard to manage

While natural hair looks kinky, coiled and packed on, it’s not as hard to manage as people say or think. What makes natural hair hard to manage is not the hair itself, but the caring of the hair. If you attack a dry natural with a small toothed comb and a tight schedule, it will be hard to manage. Managing natural hair begins with allowing adequate time for care, using the proper tools, and working with moist hair.

It’s not clean

Another common myth when people look at someone who has an afro or locs is that their hair is dirty. From what it looks like, natural hair is matted, dry, and dull. While this may be true for some, it is not the case for most. Natural hair can be dull or dirty looking by the overuse of products or due to a lack of adding moisture to the hair, but it is not a reflection on natural hair as a whole. If a person is not washing their hair often enough, this would ring true, but again, it’s in the care, not just the hair.

It’s not professional

Natural hair is often comes with the connotations that it is a militant, black power type of statement as opposed to a part of a person’s life, personality and overall character. Natural hair also comes with the association of pot heads, poets and incense burning musicians who create thought provoking and/or sensual music and floetic prose. All of those stereotypes are linked to free spirits, grass roots entrepreneurs, activists and artists, not a professional career man or woman. But natural hair is as diverse as there are people and professions. Which brings us to our next point.

It’s not versatile

Natural hair has the ability to do all things from being fashioned into sleek buns, to being flat ironed out into sweeping layers of hair. It can also be curled into Shirley Temple springs just as well as it can be sculpted into intricate cornrows, flat twists and elegant pin ups. On care free days, natural hair can be worn out, flowing in the wind and for a formal event, it can be pinned up into a chic pompadour. That’s just on the styling front. Natural hair can also be adorned with jewels, flowers, fabric, and re-purposed items like buttons, necklaces and t-shirts, all to make natural hair an eclectic art form while simultaneously being a jeweled crown.

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